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FWF FOAM Cleaner 5L

30.00  inc. VAT

Hard Enduro Aluminium Skid Plate

Integrated pipe, flange, bottom and engine protection, 
Front mount to frame, also prevents to get inside mud, gravel, sand from front tire,
4 mm ticknes best quality aluminium,
Weight aprox 3-3,8 kg depends of model,
Hand made, TIG welding,
Special hole design to get out mud, sand, gravel,
4-6 attachment points to frame depends of model made from stainless steel & powder coated,
Heavy resistance for impact,
Delivery Worldwide by AIR Cargo, Europe by GLS Courier,

FWF FOAM Cleaner 5L

30.00  inc. VAT

FWF Foam Air Filter Cleaner comes in a 5 Liter can.
The Original FWF Foam Air Filter Cleaner is a special product made for cleaning dirty air filters.
The cleaner will easily penetrate the dirty filter and loosen all dirt in and on the filter.
The Original FWF Foam Air Filter Cleaner will directly move all the dirt out of the filter while flushing it.
Quickly you will have a clean FWF Foam Air Filter.

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