YAMAHA RADIATOR GUARD YZ-F 250/450 2014-2018

99.00  inc. VAT

Integrated pipe, flange, bottom and engine protector,

Front mount to frame, guarantee additional strength against impact,

4-6 attachment points to frame depends of model made from stainless steel & powder coat,

Best quality aluminium, 4mm ticknes,

Special hole design to get out mud, sand, gravel, leaves,
Weight aprox 3-3,8 kg depends of model,

Hand made, TIG welding, made in Poland (EU)

Heavy resistance for impact,

Delivery Worldwide by AIR Cargo,
Europe by GLS Courieror

YAMAHA RADIATOR GUARD YZ-F 250/450 2014-2018

99.00  inc. VAT

YZ-F 250 2014-2018
YZ-F 450 2014-2017

Radiator guards stand out thanks to their 3 points fixing system. Indeed, this system keeps the original air deflector, it does not interfere with the maximum steering of the handlebar and forms a real protective cage around the radiators.

*Aluminium 4mm
*The complete hardware is included in the package

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